If I were to write one of those Readers Digest stores on the most interesting person I have know, it would be about Ed Kirchner.

Ed was a person larger than life. A typical Kirchner story is below, entitled "Mouse Roars On".

I first met Ed when I was at the College of Santa Fe in 1963.Edward Kirchner (Ohio State '35)

We worked together actively until around 1974 trying to spead PHI KAPPA THETA fraternity in the US and CANADA. I also was active with Ed in Pax Romana, hosting several International Seminars.

It was at the 1967 Pax Romana Seminar at the University of Windsor that I chaired and served at the hospitality suite provider. Both then Bishop John Wright (Pittsburg) and Bishop Emmet Carter (London Ontario, Canada) made major presentations at this seminar.

It was also at this seminar, that I meet my wife at the hospitality suite.

I knew Ed's background as far as his resume when I would introduce him to an audience. Then Ed would weave some of his endless stories of maybe, the Second Vatican Council in Rome where he seemed to be a resident and involved in all the interesting stuff, including the effort to have a laymen at a Cardinal.

Other stories included various adventures he had in Eastern Europe, including  pulling together some of the Pope's Youth meetings.

It was during and just after President John F. Kennedy life. The Kennedy Cabinet seemed to include many Pax Romana people. John Kennedy, himself was a member of Phi Kappa Theta fraternity, as were many church leaders and other dignitaries.

Marge & I were invited to a private Pax Romana meeting at Bishop Wrights' place in Pittsburg. We met many of the Kennedy Cabinet. Bishop Wright was a really nice guy. He mixed a drink for my wife at the meeting.

Before I was married, Ed & I traveled to Bishop Wrights' place for a meeting. We were walking back to the hotel on a snowy evening when Ed & I were both hungry and with little cash. Ed looked down on the grown at an intersection where he picked up a $20 dollar bill on the snow. Ed turned around waving the $20 and said, "Thank You Lord". And we both had a great supper.

I had kept in touch with Ed until he dies in 2003.

Once taking Ed back to the airport in Detroit, I was driving Ed (as his aid-to-camp) and I asked Ed what he really does?

Ed started bouncing his fingers together and said, "Some people ask me if I work for the Vatican and spy on the CIA or whether I work for the CIA and spy on the Vatican". Then he went on to say, "I always answer, YES".