new001   Life on the Ranch

I grew up on a little ranch in Tucson, Arizona.


School WAS ten miles from home. So when I got home from

school, it was "dusk" (getting dark)... I had to go down to the

barn and feed the animals.


We had a large barn (a semi of hay would fit in easily) with NO

lights. It was dark inside and hay covered the floor. So you could

not even see the snake, if there was one. I was fast. Grab that bale of hay; snap the wire,

and throw it up in the loft; AND GET OUT OF THERE.


On the way back to the house, where I burn the garbage, that's were I met the snake. A big snake

moving right towards me. I SET A SPEED RECORD running back to the house. My uncle grabbed his

22 and headed to where the snake was. BAM, BAM, BAM. The snake is dead. But keeps moving...

snakes will keep moving until the sun goes down. Its rattlers are cut off as a trophy.


I was always getting to close to snakes. The snakes used to get up near the back door. I would

walk out and after a couple of feet, turn around, and then I saw him right next to the door. I hate

those snakes.


Tucson was a nice size town when I grew up there. Now it has grown so much that I think it is too big and congested. Water is also a concern now.

I have some recent photos of Tucson on my main web site,  the Biosphere, the Bass project:  

And then is the Titan missile silo museum and Pima museum:


And then San Xavier mission and Saguaro forest:

There will be additional stories on Tucson.

One will be on the rodeo across the street (East Broadway).